Writing is hard work, not a gift

08/08/08 Testingideas was born,and it has  completed two years 🙂 . What a way to celebrate that!  My first article got published in a magazine. My article titled Context Driven Jumping featured in Software testing Club’s The Test Planet July 2010 edition, you can read the article here. Thanks to friends who reviewed my article and a sincere thanks  to STC’s Editorial team for shaping that into a wonderful article.

Looking back,  a lot had happened in two years.I never ever written anything on my own before I stared the blog. First year hardly few know about my blog and I did not blog much due to various personal reasons. Things started getting to shape from August 2009,  I started blogging regularly. In March 2010, James Bach recognized my writings and blogged about me. That was a very huge confidence booster for me . From then I started seeing my blog getting added to few others blog rolls as well. I take this opportunity to thank them all for the faith they have in me.

I am not great writer to write about writing, but I can definitely say Writing is not a gift. It all begins with, why you are writing and what is the intent and what you want to get out of it, plus passion and interest.

“Mr. Universe doesn’t have more muscles than I do, just better developed ones” ~ Jerry Weinberg in his book “Becoming A Technical Leader An Organic Problem-Solving Approach”

I realized writing is more efficient way to learn. This blog has helped to learn a lot than I did before. For every sentence you write, you will start asking yourself hundreds of questions, will be forced to refer more authentic source before publishing. So that helps you to gain more knowledge. Also this blog has helped me to find many well wishers and friends. And another biggest advantage of blogging you remember for long what you wrote than what you read.

Many are hesitant to express their views, because they bother about people making fun out of it. Yes, there will be few to make fun out of whatever you do. Don’t bother about them. They will never help you to grow, neither will they. But look to the wonderful people who appreciate, encourage, guide, caution, help and teach you.

“Your regrets aren’t what you did, but what you didn’t do. So take every opportunity” ~Cameron Diaz

“Every step taken may not be correct, but YOU need to take a step to find that” ~ Dhanasekar S 😀

My suggestions to aspirant bloggers , Keep it simple and plain, write about experience and learning those learnt after trying out practical approach to problems and about its success or failure.

Ah!Are you still reading my post?  I was expecting you to have started a blog by this time if you don’t have one.

“The writer learns to write, in the last resort, only by writing. He must get words onto paper even if he is dissatisfied with them.” ~ Paul Johnson

Happy Writing!

Dhanasekar  S.


I hesitate to hesitate

After reading Jerry Weinberg’s tweet

“We learn little from victory, much from defeat. Don’t think in terms of Win or Lose. You cannot always win, but you can always learn”.

I started thinking (Ah! as usual Jerry makes me to think better) what helps me in learning something better every day,


Don’t hesitate to try new ideas

Don’t hesitate to explore

Don’t hesitate to practise

Don’t hesitate to say “I don’t Know”

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Don’t hesitate to help

Don’t hesitate to question useless practices

Don’t hesitate to debate against the contradicting ideas

Don’t hesitate to appreciate

Don’t hesitate to appreciate and learn from women. I hate discrimination by any form. Also let me express my views on diversity by gender. Studies and Research may show or prove that female brain and male brain work differently,but I believe  every individual brain is unique so I don’t believe in diversity by gender. I obey what my brain\sapience\heart\ gut feeling says than research by someone else.  So I don’t support diversity by gender, all homo sapiens are unique by their own way,all are wonderful colleagues and lovely friends . Lets move on…

Don’t hesitate to agree

Don’t hesitate to disagree

Don’t hesitate to say Thank you

Don’t hesitate to say Sorry

Don’t hesitate to struggle

Don’t hesitate to change views, if proved wrong.

Don’t hesitate to do mistakes [but never repeat it]

Don’t hesitate to speak the truth as is.

Don’t hesitate to appreciate and learn from juniors.Please don’t weigh people based on several days they spent in office\work, instead weigh them by  their ideas, thoughts and the effort they put in.

If you haven’t tried any of these don’t hesitate to try now, and if you have something to tell me don’t hesitate to put them in comments 🙂

Happy Learning!

-Dhanasekar S


I,Me,Dad and Jerry Weinberg


Couple of weeks back I went to  Prism book store (Jayanagara IVth block, Bangalore) to check out if any of Gerald M Weinberg books are available. Actually I entered with no hope, because Landmark and flipkart.com could not get any of Weinberg’s books other than Perfect Software: And Other Illusions about Testing. But this book store turned out to have most of DH publications books. I jumped out in joy on seeing many Jerry Weinberg’s books there. I went to cash counter after selecting Are Your Lights On? (with Donald C. Gause), Becoming a Technical Leader, An Introduction to General Systems Thinking and Rethinking Systems Analysis and Design. While cashier was billing those books, I took Perfect Software from stands, gave that to cashier to find its price and to compare with the price I bought from flipkart.com. Mean while she billed those four books and gave the receipt. I checked if the receipt was billed correctly for the books I selected, she smiled. Then she gave me the books. I again checked if books were the same as what I selected. She again smiled and told “Sir! those were the books you bought and no other customers are here, so there won’t be any chance for mistakes to happen”. I knew she would be cursing but showed a smiling face as trained. But my checking uncovered her mistake of giving me with extra book of Perfect Software book which was not purchased. Now she showed real smile and said both sorry and thanks. Do you realize what was achieved here? I built credibility. When I went to the shop next time, I was greeted with a warm welcome. I experienced similar situations many times while shopping, either I would end up giving back extra shares or I would get back my missed shares correctly, but every time it helped to built a relationship and trust. So

I test everything, and I build credibility.

How about You?

I and Me

After attending BWST02 got an email from Pradeep addressed To all the participants with co-organizer and facilitator in the CC list. I wanted to share a Google spreadsheet with all of them. So from that email I copied all the addresses present in To field and pasted them into Google doc’s invitation, and I always believe I am smart, so I knew I need to copy contacts from CC as well, so I copied addresses from CC as well and believed that I  invited everyone. But Me never believes I is still smart enough, so after a while Me logged into the Google doc, checked if I has invited everyone. No surprises! found that I missed out inviting, the one and only Pradeep, because he was in From address :). So, Me logged a bug against I and sent a separate invite to Pradeep. So

I test everything, and I am tested by Me as well.

How about You?


I opine this characteristic of checking, validation, verification or testing was inherited from my dad. He is a shopkeeper, and so thought me the habit of testing everything. I still remember those childhood days,watched him verifying the lists customers brought in and validate the items against the list before that would be given to customers. He taught me the importance of such V and V activities politely until that became a practice to me.  So

Dad is the first and best testing Role model  for I and Me.

Who is your Role model? If answer is “Don’t know”, find one soon now

Jerry Weinberg

I was never a book worm. Lessons Learned in Software testing was the one and only technical book I read completely. I recently read four chapters in Perfect Software and I was floored! I am now starting to read all of Weinberg’s books. I am fallen in love with his books, very interesting and practical story telling style takes me to a different orbit, from there my mind just starts analysis better and grapple a lot better than ever before. And jaw-dropping insight from such stories, mind blowing…  lack of my vocabulary I use these words. Now

Yes, I am a Worm, Jerry Weinberg Worm!

What worm are You?  If answer is “Don’t know”, become one soon now

Happy Testing Yourself ! and Happy Reading!

– I and Me, a Jerry Weinberg Worm.