Marching to Moolya :-)

March turns out to be a wonderful month for me third time in succession.
March 2009 : Celebrating A R Rahman Oscar winning moments. He and his music keeps inspiring me.
March 2010 : I featured in James Bach’s blog, which I consider as one of the  greatest achievements in my professional career. His writings fuel the urge I have in me to learn the testing craft better.
March 2011 : The most important move in my career.  Very proudly and loudly announcing “I am joining Moolya” (read this in font size 72 ;))

The marching started when I got to know Pradeep Soundararajan through his blog. From then we had regular interactions both online and also in person. I was impressed and inspired by his passion towards software testing. One fine day Pradeep shared the news about he co-founding a testing services company along with Santhosh Tuppad. From that moment on I started dreaming that I should join them. But I was not sure what their plans were then. We used to meet now and then, to discuss and fill 😉 a lot. Later one day Pradeep asked about my interest in joining Moolya.  I immediately expressed my interest to join. Because I had already decided  to join them anytime.

It was one of the easiest plus the most important decisions I had taken so for. It was easy because I knew them very well for close to two years by now. They kept me updated about the progress they made in-terms of setting up the office. They also shared the dreams, plans and the visions they have for the future. I was so happy to be present in the inauguration function. Though I was ready to join any time, They were very clear in hiring.  They hire only if, they are very sure about keeping the employees happy both in terms of work and compensation. If you want to know more reasons why I join Moolya read further else start sending your test reports! :-). Then one fine evening I was asked to come down to their office and Pradeep said they are in a position to hire me. The moment I was waiting for!!!!

Why Moolya?
They are passionate about testing, so they care about the quality, customers, employees and also bugs :-). This is the place where you’ll get freedom to work over tracking employees by numbers and metrics. Place where you get responsibilities and opportunities to try and learn new ideas over running the same test cases again and again. Place were purpose motto is respected over business motto. And more importantly they don’t count the head, they count the brain. I love to be part of Moolya’s future success story from the start. I am thrilled and excited to work for\with such passionate and wonderful people. I thank Moolya for the faith and confidence they have in me, we will rock for sure.

Future looks promising and Beautiful!!!!

Also, I like to thank James Bach and Weekendtesting, they played a vital role in getting to know Pradeep Soundararajan and Santhosh Tuppad. I will not do justice to myself, if I miss to thank Pragmatist, the blog which I believe is the starting point for all this happenings. Dear testers please start blogging and let the world know who you are.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. “- Neale Donald Walsch.

(BTW, Pradeep already promised that he will push me out of my comfort zone.)

Dear Gladiators and Spartans, 🙂
Without doubt, so for this is the best team I worked with, in terms of commitment, fun and bonding. I’ll miss you all and the amazing fun we had together :-(. Thanks for all the fun, enjoyment and work we achieved together. Fifteen months with this team is the period where I laughed and enjoyed the most in my entire office life.

“But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep” – Robert Frost


Conference Of the Testers, By the Testers, and For the Testers

Bug DeBug Chennai Jan 29th 2011.

A Conference not by any professional\training oriented networks.

A Conference not for marketing commercial tools.

A Conference where no certificates sold.

A Conference where  no one talked from birds eye view, instead the real testers talked about ground reality.

A Conference from where  testers left  with hearts filled, not hands filled with useless pamphlets.

And most importantly the conference started on time and went as per the scheduled, isn’t this one point enough to prove this was conference with a difference ? 🙂

I traveled with Pradeep and Santhosh the previous day evening to Chennai, that was one of the most enjoyable drives I had in recent times.

Vipul Kocher, President, Indian Testing Board  started the conference with his keynote address  on “Present problems and  future solutions”, participants wouldn’t have asked for any better start. Vipul asked serious of hard questions  like “What was the last or the latest innovation that happened in testing?” He suggested testers to use heart as well along with brain  :). His key-note covered various problems and challenges faced by testers, and he credited that bugs are the only perfect being 🙂 Here is his presentation slides.

Next  was a simple but very powerful presentation on “Economical, Robust Web Automation using Sahi” by its founder Narayanan Raman. He shared the views about the current automation tools which make the testers to a tester developer. I too realised this after working in automation for a year or so. If you look at my earlier posts related to automation which recommends testers to learn DOM, HTML, Xpaths. Later realized that I shouldn’t be  a tester developer. But it seems Sahi has over come those problems of learning Xpaths and DOM, the demo showed the tool is very  simple to use, cross-platform cross browser supports is really the big advantage.

This was followed  by a talk on “Notes from a problem solving tester consultant” by the bad boy of software testing 😉 Pradeep Soundararajan, who was also the winner of  “NLTE Problem Solving Expert of 2010” :). He was at his usual best, the talk was filled with arrogance and humor. Here is his presentation.

Next presentation was “Smarter ways of doing Selenium Automation(Functional Test Automation)” by Ruturaj Doshi. unfortunately I missed this presentation, you can find the slides here.

Followed with delicious lunch.

The first session post lunch was on “The Emerging Trend of Cloud Computing and Software Testing” by Anuj Magazine. The presentation was interesting with lot of reference to history in general. He talked about emerging testing trends and its advantages and drawbacks in  virtualization and cloud computing world, slides are here.

Then it was the bug hunter, Ajay Balamurugadas, had just two slides one with a mind mapping diagram which had the essential skills needed for\to a bug hunter. He asked lots of questions and  tried to keep the session as interactive as possible. Slides are here.

The presentation sessions ended with talk on “Testing at Startups” by Praveen Singh, Founder 99 Tests. He shared his experience about the challenged faced while testing in a start-ups. He mentioned building testing skills and joining community and building authority are important for testers. Here is his presentation.

This was followed by interesting Q&A sessions,  hope that turned out to be very useful for budding testers, and the interesting questions got “Lessons Learned in Software Testing” book sponsored by Moolya Testing.  Testers were asked to share testing tips and the best tips got rewards.

Then the testers had chance to network and interact with the fellow testers. I too meet many testers, whom I knew so for only through blogs and twitter.

Hats Off and double Thumbs Up to Bharath & Chennai Software Testing Group and RIA-RUI for organise such an event without any high priority issues :-).

Every tester now proudly can say  this is my(our) conference, Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for making this possible.

Bug DeBug க்கு  ஒரு ‘ஓ’ போடு (Hip Hip Hurry to Bug DeBug)

Here are snaps from the conference