Is there a problem?

This is a screenshot of address change option from a bank customer online portal.

Is there a problem? If yes, why?



9 thoughts on “Is there a problem?

  1. Hi Dhanasekar,

    I think the field is not liking the slash (‘/’) for which it should show a valid error message.

    But it is showing the error message for only the ‘Landline’ and ‘Mobile Number’ fields.

  2. It says mandatory fields highlighted can’t be left blank. And you have filled House/Flat still:-
    1/ They are shown as red
    2/ There is no * saying that they were mandatory

  3. I see some potential problems:
    – Expected input format for ‘House/Flat number’ is unclear – it certainly is not as according to the field’s text label and no further info is displayed to the user when input format validation fails
    – The ‘House/Flat number’ field is missing an asterix indicating that it is mandatory
    – It should not be necessary to ask the user to input “-” in ‘LandLine Number’ and ‘Alternate Mobile Number’ is numbers are not applicable. The option to input “-” also indicates that the numbers are in fact not mandatory

  4. Big goof from the bank….Customer is filling “Address Change” form and Address fields are not mandatory except the house/flat number.

  5. in line 1 the details required is acc no alone but the persons name was there in text field i dont know which type of data definition is applied there
    in line 2 3/54 showing error may be symbols are not allowed in that particular detail
    in above form there is no aster ix symbol in the mandatory field
    in regard with phone details, why it is showing error if nothing is entered inthe text field

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