Smart Phone Mobile App Needs Smart Testers

I am happy and proud to share that I will be presenting “Smart Phone Mobile app needs smart testers”  in CAST 2014.

Mobile applications are developed with immense creativity and effort. Mobile users demand a sleeker experience with applications compared to desktop users. End users set their expectations very high, based on their experience with state of the art iOS and Android platforms they use every day. The mindset of mobile users is very different from web or desktop users. The key aspects users expect from mobile app is speed, sleekness and social sharing (SSS). As a result, testing mobile apps must be on par with experience offered by state of the art mobile platforms.

This talk will cover

  • How to tune the tester’s mindset to model test approaches specific to smart phone apps
  • How to design tests at the UI level to find issues beyond the usual functional and non-functional testing.
  • How to  design mobile tests to uncover issues hidden under mobile UI.
  • How to design tests for  user experience.

Full CAST 2014 schedule is here

See you in New York!


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