How can kung fu stop something that stops kung fu?

Most software were developed by highly skilled programmers. But still none of them are bug free and many of them are very buggy.

“If builders built buildings the way programmers write programs, the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization.” – Jerry Weinberg

Software is a very volatile product, so it’s practically impossible to build bug free software even by the best of the programmers. So there exist testers to test the product. Testers look into a product with different perspective to inform management about the health of the product, thus helping management to take decisions better and faster. Most releases will go smooth and there will be failures in between (or vice versa 😉 ). Everything looks awesome until something goes wrong, then everything comes under the scanner. There will be a high-profile meeting to discover that THE problem was testing not done properly and THE reason was lack of time and THE solution is automation. 🙂

Now some testers who had talked about automation earlier will become automation test coders. These testers will evaluate automation tools and select the tool that has more voting in a polling conducted by *** forum. A framework that Google shows first would be chosen as the best suited one. A PoC that automates the login page of their application. Now stage is set to automate 90%  of test cases. NOTE: 100% is not possible!!!

This is something similar to a sip test and home use test of an edible products, there was an interesting analysis about the failure of New coke in the book Blink. I too had many snap judgment failures and one among them was selecting a gaming console. In one of my earlier jobs where I was a game tester, was given an option to join either Xbox or PS2 team on my comfort with the consoles. I tried both for about ten minutes and I felt comfortable with Xbox, so moved to Xbox team. But later when I played for more than 2 hours continuously, I realized it is not comfortable at all, later found PS2 was more comfortable for longer time duration.

Without anticipating all such problems, a set of testers who were either bored by the kind of testing they do or misguided about automation testing, would become an automation engineer without much programming skills. They would then write buggy codes to find bugs in an application that was developed by skilled programmers , read the blog title again. 😀

In Kung Fu Panda II, Po finally stops the thing that stops kung Fu after finding a secret . The secret here is to invest in developing thinking, analytical skills of testers not just on automation tool.

Automation can help to solve the problem, but that is not the solution for all problems.

PS : kung fu panda 2 – An abandoned villain threatens, there exists an unknown secret, Po sets out  a mission to understand the secret to defeat the villain and bring peace. It is twice filled with attractiveness and awesomeness …


7 thoughts on “How can kung fu stop something that stops kung fu?

  1. Would people listen?
    Still I could see many managers thinking Automation testing would bring wonders for them.

    1. Aravind,
      Thanks for raising these.
      //Would people listen?// – Nope 🙂
      One of the ways, I make them to understand is to let them know how insecure the automation is. I will look through automation scripts to find few possible ways where script says the test passes but actually it is not. I do induce some bugs with help of developer to show the loop holes of automation.
      -Dhanasekar S

  2. Impressive narration!

    bloggers should know how to attract people to read their blogs? how to pick attractive title? you did that well.

    Do you want testers to stop writing code?
    Do you believe that automation is not safe to certify the product?

  3. What I think is that the company atmosphere promotes success instead of trying. So if you don’t succeed the first time, “you’re outta here!” If you choose a wrong tool, wrong approach, wrong people; discuss about it, learn about it, give room to improve. So aim for success BUT allow failure. If a situation is so business critical that there is no room for failure, isn’t it the management that has failed instead of the people in the field?

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