One Line Bug Reports

Bugs reported in one line  are of  no great use.


9 thoughts on “One Line Bug Reports

  1. Can you think of 3 examples that violate the statement “Bugs reported in one line are of no great use” –

    no use for who? how big can be one line.


  2. //no use for who? how big can be one line.//

    This is the main objective behind this post, such one line bugs reported will arise many such questions.

    The post is result of I seeing many bugs reported in one or two lines, which do not provide required information to other stock holders. Thus resulting in many to and forth communications, resulting in more turn around time in bug fixing and frustrations as well. So, if any one line bug that eliminates such problems, violates my statement. 🙂

    Something like…

    Bug reported has screenshot\video attached helps other stack holders to understand the bug.
    Not clearly written bugs are useful to write bogs like this 🙂

    -Dhanasekar S

  3. I’ll have to disagree here… I have myself written few one-line bugs and they made complete sense. And writing these bug reports in more than one line would have only made it more confusing with too many words and screenshots would be meaningless. A video would probably have made sense but then again, why add to the bulk when one line is sufficient. I view bug report as a way to communicate something. If something lesser is enough, it is mostly enough.

    An example would be – “It is possible to login into the system with any random username and whitespaces (and only white spaces; other special characters do not work) as the password.” – One base desktop product being developed for Windows, no customizations, and one n only one login-screen/home page. I did not go about how to install product and double click on the shortcut and all the blah blah… Someone about to test the system should know that much. And this was past smoke and sanity.

    Similarly, “Product logo is missing on the home page” – this wasn’t exactly a bug since it wasn’t that a image that was present earlier went missing. This could rather be taken as a suggestion since the logo wasn’t present at all on the home page. And its the same product as above.

  4. @Namratha
    Thanks for your comments, I do agree at times one line bug reports make sense. This post is to highlight the point that many times testers are either in hurry or lazy to give enough details. Please check a comment by Pradeep and my reply to that (below the post).
    -Dhanasekar S

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