I hesitate to hesitate

After reading Jerry Weinberg’s tweet

“We learn little from victory, much from defeat. Don’t think in terms of Win or Lose. You cannot always win, but you can always learn”.

I started thinking (Ah! as usual Jerry makes me to think better) what helps me in learning something better every day,


Don’t hesitate to try new ideas

Don’t hesitate to explore

Don’t hesitate to practise

Don’t hesitate to say “I don’t Know”

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Don’t hesitate to help

Don’t hesitate to question useless practices

Don’t hesitate to debate against the contradicting ideas

Don’t hesitate to appreciate

Don’t hesitate to appreciate and learn from women. I hate discrimination by any form. Also let me express my views on diversity by gender. Studies and Research may show or prove that female brain and male brain work differently,but I believe  every individual brain is unique so I don’t believe in diversity by gender. I obey what my brain\sapience\heart\ gut feeling says than research by someone else.  So I don’t support diversity by gender, all homo sapiens are unique by their own way,all are wonderful colleagues and lovely friends . Lets move on…

Don’t hesitate to agree

Don’t hesitate to disagree

Don’t hesitate to say Thank you

Don’t hesitate to say Sorry

Don’t hesitate to struggle

Don’t hesitate to change views, if proved wrong.

Don’t hesitate to do mistakes [but never repeat it]

Don’t hesitate to speak the truth as is.

Don’t hesitate to appreciate and learn from juniors.Please don’t weigh people based on several days they spent in office\work, instead weigh them by  their ideas, thoughts and the effort they put in.

If you haven’t tried any of these don’t hesitate to try now, and if you have something to tell me don’t hesitate to put them in comments 🙂

Happy Learning!

-Dhanasekar S



18 thoughts on “I hesitate to hesitate

    1. @Ajay Thanks for point 🙂
      BTW, I am not saying diversity is discrimination. I hate discrimination. Also I disagree to diversity by gender. That’s my view.
      -Dhanasekar S

  1. Have you noticed that as we get away from above hesitations in typical organizations, we should not hesitate to get Fired as well. It’s hard to do all this and still please the management. That is where Independent Consulting comes into play 😉

    Good One,

    Parimala Shankaraiah

    1. Wow! Wonderful ” I don’t hesitate to get fired” 😉 Yea,I love to became a independent consultant one day,but I am worried about the scope we have in India currently. But at least to learn the testing craft at personal level all these helped me,hope it well help others as well.

  2. Lovely post Dhanasekar! Absolutely loved this line ‘Please don’t weigh people based on several days they spent in office\work, instead weigh them by their ideas, thoughts and the effort they put in’. And this one ‘Don’t hesitate to appreciate and learn from women’.

    1. Priya,
      I have seen,seeing and will see discrimination by gender and experience,I hate that.
      So, wanted to bring that here as I learned a lot from everyone of them,helped them too. I have seen egoistic Team Leads,seniors who reject ideas,hesitate to appreciate because they are less experienced or because they are opposite gender.
      –Dhanasekar S

  3. A Wonderful Post!

    Really like your thinking especially ” Don’t hesitate to…..” let me add mine ” “Don’t hesitate to smile”. I really want to say you thank you for posting such a inspiring thoughts. I don’t know how many readers of this blog gaining how much testing knowledge but I surely say that they will have a excellent lesson of life (expressed in terms of testing) posted by you…

    “Don’t hesitate to post wonderful things” 🙂

    @ PurvEE

  4. “Don’t hesitate to blog”

    “Don’t hesitate to speak in crowd”

    “Don’t hesitate to dance”

    “Don’t hesitate to party”

    “Don’t hesitate to spend money”

    “Don’t hesitate to welcome bad experience” – Bad experiences are always good experiences.

    “Don’t hesitate to say, /”I do not know”/”

    Too many hesitations LOL.

    Nice Post Dhanasekar.

    Now, do not hesitate to thank me for this comment :P.

    Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

  5. Santhosh,
    Good one,actually this post should have had “Don’t hesitate to say, /”I do not know”/” some how that was missed from the draft,that was one of the important thing i wanted to convey here.I have added it now.
    Thanks for your comments 🙂
    –Dhanasekar S

  6. Really nice post DS, It is very interesting to see the blog. And, i never hesitate to follow your points my Master 🙂 Thanks for giving and thinking about this useful blog.

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