Heck, it is TweetDeck

Personally I didn’t like any twitter clients to read the tweets, instead I prefer to use twitter’s own web interface to read tweets. But I keep installing and trying many twitter clients, recently installed TweetDeck again.. These clients sometimes help in retweeting and auto fill names are really good.

After installing I got this window that suggested me to register for a TweetDeck account, it also provides me an option not to show this option again.

If you notice that option, I have to check that check box, so the screen  will not  shown to me again. Ok it looks fine no issues. I checked that option so I am not shown this message again.

Then it showed me with one more window, a welcome screen, it also provides me an option not to show this option again.

But did you notice here, I have to un check the option, so that it will not be shown to me again.

It is lacking it consistency and it is definitely confusing users like me. Most of the users after checking the first windows preference, will be expecting the same behavior throughout the application.

So, Test for consistency of the application consistently 🙂

–A Confused User



13 thoughts on “Heck, it is TweetDeck

  1. Good catch.. most of these tools are built by part time developers and such mistakes are bound to happen. Why don’t you get hold of a contact person and report the issue?

  2. … Just a thought, but maybe it was done in purpose. the second window has a number company names displayed (flickr, youtube, etc). Tweetdeck may get paid everytime they display the second window. By confusing users, the window is likely to get displayed more often. Or maybe I’m being cynical.

  3. @Andy @ Dhanasekar – I agree – I think this might a *marketing* ploy whereby trapping users expecting consistency to remain on that screen whereby generating marketing revenue for those advertised customers!

    Well, it makes for an interesting conspiracy theory 🙂

  4. Hi Dhanasekar,

    Nice found. I am agree with Brian that this could be a marketing ploy. Another reason might be that both the screens are developed by two different developers. We can just make a guess about it.

  5. @Andy, Brian, Mohit, Dhanasekar,
    As some of you said that it is for marketing I also got this thought in my mind and it might be for that itself as I see marketing kind of content in it as other brands have been highlighted in it.

    My thought,

    If they had disabled it by default then blindly some users would have clicked on “Get Started” and next time it wouldn’t have shown.

    Some users might blindly click on Get Started and then they think what was content there? And as it was disabled that window will not appear again until and unless fresh installation is done. May be, by enabling it they are forcing the user to know what they are doing as they need to uncheck the checkbox to stop showing it on start-up.

    I agree with your oracle of inconsistency but I have seen such behavior in some of the applications where checkbox is checked by default.

    But would you let me know how would this cause a problem to an end-user? How does it cause confusion?

    Because when I read “Show welcome screen at startup” is checked I feel that I have subscribed for that by default and to un-subscribe I need to uncheck it *smiles*.

    Please do correct me if I am wrong *smiles*.

    NOTE : Did you notice a spelling mistake? It says, “We have new UI for navigating though columns”. It had to be “through” instead of “though” [ Not sure ].

    Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

    1. @Santhosh,
      My main theme is about consistency oracle.I took this as an example. We know all such free softwares survive by advertisements.
      //If they had disabled it by default then blindly some users would have clicked on “Get Started” and next time it wouldn’t have shown.//
      //how would this cause a problem to an end-user? How does it cause confusion?//
      I am not asking to disable by default,yes all such banners will appear first time,but I was confused because for one screen I’ve to un check to disable it,but for other I’ve to check so it will not appear next time,my point is use a similar behavior for both banners.
      Nice spelling mistake catch ,I didn’t notice that 🙂
      –Dhanasekar S

      1. @Dhanasekar,
        You are right about “consistency” oracle. I agree with your point of confusion to the end-user which was you. May be TweetDeck would have made it more usable by avoiding the confusion.

        I hope you would have reported it to TweetDeck by now. Let me know if you get any positive reply or they say some negative answer ” as Steve Jobs says, “Just avoid using it that way for iPhone 4 where network signal drops when end-user holds it in his / her left-hand”.

        Santhosh Shivanand Tuppad

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