Confused Customer = Reduced Revenue

  1. I logged in to HDFC bank
  2. Want to register for a new bill payer
  3. Found a link to register, so clicked on for registration
  4. That opened me with a new browser window
  5. I entered all the details [it is a 5 Step registration with 10 to 15 fields of data entered depending on the options  selected]
  6. Clicked on registration
  7. It showed me yet another login screen
  8. I entered my user name and password again
  9. I got this message “Your last session was terminated incorrectly or is currently active. Please try logging in again after some time.”

Ok, I understand that a session is already active and even you know that, then why are you asking me to login again? What is that some time 1 minute? 1 Hour? 1 day? 1 month? 1 year?

As a user I am confused 😦

When I am about to post this, got an email from ICICI bank about phishing,it says

“Never enter your personal details on any website via a link in an e-mail. Always access the website by typing into the address bar.”

Did you expect me to click on the hyperlink you provided? As a user I am confused 😦

Again,I feel this is where testers can Value add to customers, by bringing in such perspectives.

Again referring to Jonathan Kohl article here , the customer depended on us to use our technical knowledge, experience and skill to know how to do those kinds of things properly. This  article from Kohl added to ReadDaily task  along with context-driven testing ,random lessons from Lessons Learned in Software testing book and Heuristic Test Planning: Context Model

Happy Don’t Confuse User testing

–A Confused User



3 thoughts on “Confused Customer = Reduced Revenue

  1. Dear Dhanasekar,

    I totally agree with you that some of these things will hang questions in customer’s mind and definitely “Confused Customer = Reduced Revenue”.

    @I feel this is where testers can Value add to customers, by bringing in such perspectives.

    Note, Disclaimer, Offers, Generic Information about the bank or products ……etc these are some key areas in which business/relationship people will have final call… when a tester insist something can be rephrased -> many times it will not be heard. Yes, we can fight with valid explanations but decision will be made by business. But this is how it works .. 🙂 So the entire team can think and add some value to customers.


    1. @ Venkatesan
      Yes,testing team just provide the information to the product management and we are not decision makers.Also Business decisions cannot be made from a purely technical perspective.
      But we can be very strong and clear in reporting such problem. Like we can compare with the competitors product if available, and if such defect is not present there,then we can showcase that.
      Here is Lesson No 101 from Lessons Learned in Software testing When you decide to fight,decide to win!
      –Dhanasekar S

  2. Very true, there are several such instances where just a couple of extra words could be a lot more helpful.

    Oh, and I just came to this site by searching the exact same HDFC ‘you’re logged in etc’ message! 🙂

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