What an idea Sirji!

The idea is something so obvious that after someone tells you about it, you wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself 🙂

But an idea-prone would say “An idea is nothing more or less than a new combination of old elements” –James Webb Young

I know many who read lots of books and at the end just say “wow! That is an amazing read”, but what really matters is how you relate the information you read to the reality, analyzing and thinking about it, and then try to check if that will work to your context.

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein

My initial title for I can’t Nike, Because I Reebok was just I am what I am, when I was thinking about this article came across Nike showroom, which read Just Do it, at that time “I am what I am” was in my mind, suddenly “why should I just do it, I can’t because I am what I am” flashed in my mind. When I saw some offer sale, I thought “hey! This is like our automation testing, nothing will work out at the end” which turned out Unbelievable 80% off* post title. Gladiator was initially drafted to encourage people to bravely questioning the useless customs. But after reading this post by Shrinik in which he wrote about practising testing, adding that idea gave a new dimension entirely to my post. Even when I started with this post, I did not have Albert Einstein’s quotes; I combined them here after I came across Ajay’s tweet here. So, Idea is all about your thinking plus what is already in existence, when you stay with your thinking something will come towards you to make it much better.

“It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”– Albert Einstein

I know, huh! Who will be interested in ideas I Combine? So

Coin Punch and the wine-press were around for centuries before Gutenberg saw and combined them to get printing press.

James J.Kitty saw a device that counted and recorded the turns of a propeller, so the world’s first cash register was born.

Rene Descartes combined arithmetic and geometry to get analytical geometry.

Ok, here are some ideas to get your own ideas. Of course, that will not make you idea-prone overnight, you need to practice harder.

Idea 0.0001:  Think in your mother tongue, which gives you unlimited power to imagine, and then translates into English. That is the reason you find mistakes in my posts. If you are able to communicate you’re thinking clearly then English is of low priority. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam advocates thinking in the mother tongue. If I can write with less English knowledge, why can’t you? Eventually English improves as you write more.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Idea 0.0002:  I think and analyse my learning\readings while travelling on the bus every day. But I also remember to keep an eye on outside world, and they turn out to be the title sponsors ;). In India, most of the billion-dollar listed companies employees commute by company shuttle. Most of them travel at least an hour a day, without interacting with the co-worker seated nearby.

For those who don’t commute by bus, I got some better ideas

Idea 0.0003:  Switch off the Idiot box for an hour a day plus a day in a week. When you switch on the TV your brain switches off.

Idea 0.0004:  A Young India Special, Switch off your mini idiot box [mobile phones] an hour a day plus a day in a week.

Did you notice the additional benefits? You will be contributing towards a greener world, every day you are celebrating Earth Hour

Idea 0.0005:  Don’t do things in a predefined and monotonous way. If you try something new, you will learn something new.

Idea 0.0006: When you are faced with the problem try visualising it instead of verbalising

Idea 0.0007:  Please put in your ideas in the comments section, the target is to get one idea :).

Any metrics lovers out there, do you realise that quantity will not reflect the quality? [Execute 7.56 test cases/day, automate 4.79 tests/day, and find 12.8 defects/KLOC] If you want quantity I can manipulate anything you want, but if you wish to Quality believe in your people and train them for the needs.

Happy idea Hunting!!!

NOTE: “What an !dea sirji” is the marketing campaign used by Idea Cellular Ltd, India.

Sir Ji [Hindi and English mix] is a colloquial word used in North India. It is ascribed to a person who is resourceful and respected.



13 thoughts on “What an idea Sirji!

  1. Thinking in the mother tongue and translating to English works fine while planning/writing, but not while conveying your thoughts over the phone or in a video conference.

    I have seen clients write back to me that they are unable to converse with my best testers, mainly because the person is unable to converse fluently in English.

    Secondly, conversing in English so much @ the workplace, with the passage of time, English becomes your primary thinking language, and it is impossible to avoid this transition happen over time. I did a post on “English as a Thinking Language” @ http://fakesoftwaretester.blogspot.com/2010/02/english-thinking-language.html

    With English being the preferred language at the workplace, it’d be beneficial to both the individual and the organisation, if the person starts to think in English!!!!!

    1. @FakeSoftware Tester
      We can’t even train anyone on how to think.
      I am wondering how we can train some one to think in English. Many are not able to communicate in English not because they lack thinking or imagination skills, they lack English knowledge. Train them with English. All we have to do is make people to understand the importance of analyzing and being calm, take some time to translate then give the views. The translation time will drastically reduce as you practice more. If someone not good in English and tries to think in English, that completely stops his imagination. Instead of trying to training people, a thinking language, teach them English and allow the freedom of their thinking to them. By trying to make them to think in foreign language, please don’t cage their imagination.
      –Dhanas3kar S

    1. @weekendtesting
      Great to get a comment from weekendtesting. Yes that is what a simple idea can do 🙂
      –Dhanas3kar S

  2. Again a Nice Post D S.
    I feel it doesn’t matter in what language you think , the most important think is to Think whether it is one’s Mother Tongue or English, its thoughts which matter 🙂

    BTW D.S. I follow all the points as u have said except thinking I think in English/Hindi/Marathi/Punjabi/Urdu all the languages.

    I hardly use the mobile & that too just to read the Tweets .
    And I just don’t talk to my co-worker next seat I talk to everyone from the first seat to the last in the bus & Train mein toh even with strangers LOLZ

    But Congratulations your posts are incredible.Where do you get these ideas, what is your Mother Tongue I think i will have to learn it to think ( just kidding)
    Actually what an idea Sirji.


    1. Jassi,
      I feel it doesn’t matter in what language you think
      True, but I see most people get struck between English and their mother tongue, so the point of thinking in mother tongue is targeted at them. Of course you can think in any language if that don’t restrict your imagination.I missed to add this “Try to visualize problem not to verbalize” which will be easy if you think in mother tongue
      just don’t talk to my co-worker next seat I talk to everyone from the first seat to the last in the bus & Train mein toh even with strangers
      I think you need to read Idea 0.0005: Don’t do things in a predefined and monotonous way again 😉 , just kidding ,But what I observed and also my friend who travel in company bus says people hardly talk to each other. But I love to talk to people and share ideas, but the bus I am traveling in Bangalore hardly has people, it is Airport shuttle Volvo bus
      I hardly use the mobile
      Yea that Idea is for Young India,not for us 😉
      Where do you get these ideas
      Ideas are like our bugs 😉 ,it is roaming everywhere you just need to hunt for it, try to search for answer to “what if?” on what every you see or do, I am sure you will get ideas. Like what if I don’t talk to stranger in train 😉
      Idea is trial and error, experience and taste. “If there is no wind, row” – Latin proverb
      what is your Mother Tongue
      A proud Tamilan, but knows only Tamil and English, not like you 😦
      –Dhanas3kar S

      1. @D.S wow what an elaborate explanation, Thanks 🙂

        You know I have always been quite interested in learning at least one south Indian Language maybe Telugu or Tamil but no good web-sites to teach nor any good books 😦

        Yea that Idea is for Young India,not for us
        Never say this to a Lady ,even to a Mother of a child hehehe 😛 just kidding

        1. Jassi,
          Wow! how about me writing a book titled “Learn Tamil in Train or Bus” 😉
          Never say this to a Lady ,even to a Mother of a child

          Oh Yea, very important lesson to keep in mind always
          –Dhanasekar s

          1. @D.S.
            Yes Please write a book to Teach Tamil,I would even request Ajay to write a book to Teach Telugu, I am sure I will learn in min one month , max 3 months 🙂


  3. hi,first of all i would like to say that its a really nice blog 🙂 but what occured to my mind is,, why should any language be a barrier for thought process?? as u have mentioned– “Try to visualize problem not to verbalize” does mean that one must visualize not try to verbalise. once the idea or thought or anything is completely visualised then any language can be used to express it!!! (not jus mother tongue)

    1. True, but I know most people(that includes me as well) get struck between English and their mother tongue.I learned that hard way 🙂
      So the point of thinking in mother tongue is targeted at them. Of course you can think in any language if that don’t restrict your imagination.
      Thanks for reading and posting your views
      -Dhanas3kar S

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