Feel Secure Testing

No wait this is not security testing, this is Feel Secure Testing. 🙂

Few user experiences I faced in last couple of weeks made me blog about this.

I was using a well know bank’s epay option to pay my credit card bills. At the end of the transaction got a beautiful message “We could not ascertain the status of your card transaction from the payment gateway. However, we have recorded your request and shall verify the details and try again.” And yeah you judged correctly the amount from my savings account was debited immediately. Do you feel secure after reading the message?

The message says we have recorded your request and try again. How long will it try? Will that intimate me about the attempts made? What about the amount that was debited? Will it keep trying even after paying the amount by other options?

Second incident, I logged into another bank’s prepaid food card portal to check my transactions. I selected Jan 2010 and hit the submit button, got an error message “At Year: Selected Year Cannot be Grater than Current Year“.

I guessed that greater than condition was checked instead of greater than or equal to, but I was proved wrong. It gave the same error message for any year selected.

Do you feel secure with such application that also provides E-Commerce Transaction for Forex cards?

And here comes the big daddy with some thing called Buzz (not to mention that messed my Google profile), that will reside inside my personal secure email application. Look when it was released, immediately after the incident of attackers gaining the access to Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. Read here for details. Do you feel secure to use it?

I feel this is where testers can Value add to customers, by bringing in such perspectives. I like to use Jonathan Kohl restaurant analogy, in restaurant, we weren’t asked to have food that meets regulations and safe to eat. We believe that restaurants take care of all those. Similarly, the customer depended on us to use our technical knowledge, experience and skill to know how to do those kinds of things properly. You can read complete article here.

NOTE: Don’t blame me or look for Definition of Feel Secure Testing, if you are asked in your interviews or certifications exams. 🙂

Happy Feel Secure Testing!

Dhanasekar S



2 thoughts on “Feel Secure Testing

  1. Interesting post!

    Agree with the point about how testers add value – they provide information about the product, but if they give the end-user perspective then they are helping the stakeholder/PM to interpret and apply significance to that information.

    What about “customer experience” information/testing as a categorisation for this type of test?

    1. Thanks for comments Simon Morley.
      It is really worth having customer experience information/testing in your testing checklist. I didn’t mean that we bring this perspective at the time of testing, as a tester we need to help all the stakeholders from the beginning of the project.
      –Dhanasekar S

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