Happy Women’s Day

Few weeks ago, as I entered the discussion room for a regular team meeting, I was surprise to know that I am the odd one out there in a team of six (my team lead was not present). After coming back to my seat, I opened Google reader and twitter to see how many women testers I was following? I found ten blogs and many in twitter. Almost a month ago, Software Testing and Performance magazine carried a cover story Women of Influence in which 13 of the World’s Top Women Testers shared Unique Insights about the Profession.

So, decided to email my co-workers about women testers. After drafting an email, I realized that March 8th is International Women’s Day. So I held the email till then and also decided to post about the same on my blog.

So here goes the post. Some prominent women testers whom I follow

Parimala Shankaraiah: She blogs at http://Curioustester.blogspot.com and also tweets at @curioustester. She entered blogroll of James Bach within few months of blogging, which I think is the greatest achievement for any tester. Her blog helped me to find many other Passionate Indian testers and especially weekend testing group.

Dr Meeta Prakash: The first Indian to achieve PhD in software testability. She blogs at http://testingthetestable.blogspot.com and you can follow her tweets @meetaprakash

Fiona Charles has more than 30 years experience on challenging software development and integration projects in diverse business domains. Web site: http://www.quality-intelligence.com/ she started blogging at http://quality-intelligence.blogspot.com/. You can follow her tweets @FionaCCharles

Trish Koo: She is specialized in automated testing, but she does a bit of everything. She blogs at http://ubertest.hogfish.net/, I often refer her blog for automation related articles.

Elisabeth Hendrickson founded Quality Tree Software, Inc., a consulting and training company dedicated to helping software teams deliver working solutions consistently and sustainably. She writes about agile testing and automation at http://testobsessed.com/ and tweets @testobsessed

Lisa Crispin is an agile testing coach and practitioner. She is the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams.Her blog is http://lisacrispin.com/wordpress/ and you can follow her tweets @lisacrispin

Rosie Sherry: Founder of www.Softwaretestingclub.com community, where I am seeing lot of healthy discussions happening. You can follow tweets @rosiesherry and her blog http://rosiesherry.com/

Anne-Marie Charrett: Blog http://mavericktester.com/ and you can follow her in twitter @charrett. You must read here post I have a dream here

If you or your women co-workers, managers or staff want to share industry- and career-related knowledge and advance the role of women in software testing and technology, consider connecting with the following professional organizations

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (www.ncwit.org)

The Women Technology Council (http://www.womentechcouncil.org/)

Women in Technology International (www.witi.com)

The Association for Women in computing (http://awc-hq.org/)

The Association for Women in Technology (http://www.awtsocal.org)

Women testers out there “Are you inspired to write but not sure how and where to start?” Not to worry there is a gift for you from Parimala on women’s day to help, read this post to find more about the gift.

I know there will be a lot of other women testers I am not aware of, so let me know about them, I will add to the Google reader bundle.

Special thanks to Parimala for helping me out with required information for this post and pointing me to STP Jan 2010 magazine. You can get free PDF version of STP Jan 2010 Magazine here

And here is the Women’s Day special Google Reader Bundle of all the women testers I am following.

NOTE :  I do  things that inspires me and not to impress others( I blogged  that here). Believe me, I wrote this post to inspire women testers out there not to impress any one  😉


10 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day

  1. Hi DS,
    It’s an honour to be honoured on your blog. Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s indeed encouraging to know about your efforts to inspire more and more women testers to come out of their shells and speak in public. I wish to see many women show up in public. I know a lot of great women who are hiding right up there 🙂

    I would be more than glad to join hands with you in helping our fellow female colleagues to stand up for themselves and start showing off their great work which more often ends within the four walls of our organizations.

    Happy Women’s Day,

    Parimala Shankaraiah

    1. I would also be more than glad to join hands with you and other to get more women testers come out of their shells.
      And I learnt a lot from you and other female testers,so it is my duty to honor and thank them all.

      1. Hi DS

        Your blog is too nice…I am jayanthi from chennai. I am software tester.. i have some doubts in testing field… how may i contact you through mail id. i want to know some logical things. i think you can only help me…

  2. Hi DS,

    What a lovely way to honour International Womens Day. I have spent all day at a conference, so unfortunately I’ve not had much of a chance to contribute, but you have done so perfectly.

    Many thanks too for the mention.


    1. Hi Anne- Marie,
      I learnt a lot from you and other female testers as well,so took this opportunity to thank all of you 🙂

  3. There are some good people in our field who do not blog. Bhargavi M, is definitely one of them. Hope they realize to take things a little more forward.

    Renu Rajani would remain the first Indian woman who published a book on testing.

    1. Pradeep,
      Thanks a lot for reading my blog and posting comments.
      Thanks again for pointing out Renu Rajani.Looking forward to learn from Bhargavi’s writing soon :).
      I realized from my experience, when you start writing you think and analyze even better.You refer a lot before posting a blog.
      Learning curve for me improved a lot after I started blogging.
      Hope that more and more people come out to share their ideas and experience by blogging

  4. Hi DS,

    I only just came across this today! Many thanks for mentioning me, I feel quite honoured to be on this list. What a lovely and inspiring post.


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