Blogger Is A Time Machine

Did you miss to participate in an event?

Not to worry, Blogger will take you to past, to attend the events.

Look at the screenshot, it was taken on Oct 11, 2009.There is an event that is happening on Oct 10, 2009 IST 11.00AM. Here I have an option to select I’m Going and Not going, both the options are enabled. I can click on them 🙂 to attend an event that is happening (happened) in past.

NOTE : Not sure about the time zone kept in the blog,but all the time zones were ahead of the event time, when this screen shot was taken

This is one of the most undocumented feature of blogger uncovered by me 😛

Another problem faced during signing in.

To participate in the event, it asked me to join the Site to RSVP, what does this RSVP mean????? 😦 . I clicked on the link to Join RSVP (without knowing what that mean, I don’t expect every user should Google this to find, what is RSVP?). A pop up opened and there was another message which says “Sign In or Join us using the link above”


Sorry Blogger! I can’t see any link in the roof :-(, where is the link????????????

I found only a Follow button; I don’t think all users will click the button when you are say click the link.

Ok, after clicking the link (button) and successful sign in, I was given an option to select to go to the event (I’m going).I clicked on that link and it was successful.

Oh! Wait, I am still given option to join the event in the main window, whatever I did was in a pop up, so how many times do I need join the event??????


Oops! Wait for some more bugs, IE showed me Google Calendar option below the event, which is missing in Chrome, Google against its own product??? Interesting




Like to thank Enjoytesting for this, I was doing all those in his blog, I doubt whether he enjoyed this 🙂

Addendum added while drafting this 🙂’s turn 🙂

Found this while inserting screenshot into this post

I have -6 pictures in my gallery,some body help me what does this mean??


Happened when I was deleting pictures from my gallery,I keep clicking the delete option this happens.I think the sytem is counting the clicks I make and subtracting from the pictures present in the gallery.Smart uh!

<Decided to End this post>

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2 thoughts on “Blogger Is A Time Machine

  1. Thanks Mohan for dropping a comment on my blog.
    Many believe that products like Google and yahoo are bug free,this is an attempt to show that is not always true. And all these bugs were found casually as a user and not as a software tester.Keep visiting for more such post

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