Monster Buggy

Found one interesting or an unpleasant bug in jobportal. It made me to check back my basic maths skills 🙂

Just look at the screenshots below


Required Experience : 3 -10 years

Applicant Experience : 5 yrs and 3 months.

As per my knowledge I think I am eligible to apply for this,but look what the system says “Your following information did not match the job requirement ” 😦

I was little doubtful because this might be some odd case,but it happens consistently,see another screenshot.


I am really shocked to see this ,was the system tested throughly? Because this is a simple positive condition that should have been tested.

Where is the problem?

Is it in test data ? I dont think so because user can enter his experience only be selecting the years from drop down,so there is no data format error

But still how did they miss this?

Did you experience the same problem?

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