What Matters Most Is Focus

This is an attempt to write a sequence of articles under “What Matters Most?”

This is to share my experience, how different thinks matters in the field of software testing to bring effective and efficient solutions.

Here is first such an attempt to see how Focus matters.

Of late, I am very addictive to Farmville, a small interesting game in Facebook. Let me brief about this game. This is a simple and fun game where you do farming, add your facebook friends as neighbors, and move up in the game. You can send gifts to your neighbors from the list of available gifts. You need to spend only 5 to 10 minutes a day to make most fun out of this game. It is easy to send same gift to all the neighbors. But as my neighbor list grows, and as each of them wants a different gift it takes longer time to send them the gifts. Suddenly the automation tester within me woke up and said “automate this” (he wakes up very rarely 😉 though). I said wow! That’s a nice idea, let me attempt this and within half an hour, I got a very effective solution. The idea is

1. I need to get the entire request from friends and store it in a single file.

Solution: Oh! There is Google, ask all my friends to update the worksheet in Google Docs, with their wish list

2. Now read this file and start sending their gifts

Solution: Any automation tool can do this by reading the worksheet and schedule this run every day

Now base solution (no no I am not talking chemistry here 🙂 ) is ready, start building on this by adding all the other features like

a. What if gift asked by the neighbor is locked? (The list of gifts gets unlocked one by one as you move up in the game)

b. Send a mail back to neighbor saying that the gift you asked is locked

c. Club similar gift and send them in a single attempt (improve efficiency 🙂 )

This made me to wonder, how did I came up with such a solution so quick? This rarely happens in my projects 😉 . So I started analyzing how I got this solution?

It is “Focus” that made this possible. I just focused on one think need to automate this. I did not think too much on other factors like what tool to use? , Schedule, resources, etc.  Of course, all those are important but focus on them later, to get the solution just focus on one goal at a time (literally goal as in football, can be scored only one at a time 🙂 ). To emphasis more on this, my initial focus on just automating and not concentration on other factors naturally helped me to get other solutions as well.

So, Focus on Mission

Happy Focusing! (I should thank Pari, for adding such greetings at the end of the articles)


5 thoughts on “What Matters Most Is Focus

  1. Very nice post Dhanasekar, I was searching for some stuff over google and landed on your blog by chance. On a quick glance the blog looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing your learning’s.

    This post is very interesting to me is because you chose to focus on one mission “to automate” but more importantly in your mission you knew what exact flow to automate, I feel many a times this is what we miss, we think of so many variables that we are not clear on what our mission is.

    Will come back to read more posts 🙂

    1. Sharath,
      Thanks for you comments,I do follow your blog. I found your blog through weekendtesters(http://weekendtesting.com/).I like your collection of links under “Test Automation”. Those are must read for every tester to understand the myth behind automation testing.

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