Getting Started With Automation Testing

“Test automation shouldn’t be a goal; test automation helps you achieve goals” -Jonathan Kohl. Read More Here

Many think that,the place to start learning the art of Automation is the tool one uses.But with my experience I would say that the place to start is OOPS.Then understand the basics of technology in which the application is developed. For example,If you are automating a web based application,then be familiar with HTML,DCOM,COM,DHTML.

Get some working knowledge on SQL, Connecting to DB through the automation tool,XML,FSO (to interact with files) and COM objects of MS Excel(read and write data to excel sheet),MS Outlook(to e-mail reports)

Then get to know the coding language or script tool uses,then understand how the tool recognize your application, get to know the available functions.

Now your are ready to automate your application,now decide on the Automation Framework ,come up with Automation test plan and Estimations(separate article coming soon )

Read this link on more details about getting started with automation.

Addendum Added on Oct 2.2009 : Please  read Testing Vs Checking by Michael Bolton before jumping into automation


17 thoughts on “Getting Started With Automation Testing

  1. Thanks Sunita for visiting my blog and for the comments,keeping checking my blog.
    Will write more such blog to explain things as simple as possible

  2. This is the best explanation I’ve read about OR. Even the best testing blogs failed to explain OR clearly to beginners, either they forget about mandotory properties and assistive properties or giving examples. Your explanation is very clear and understandable. I greatly appriciate your effort in posting the blog.

    Thanks a Ton,

  3. Dear Sir,

    One question is bugging me from the point I started preparing for Interview, QTP based. AM I fit for learning this tool…I could understand and follow topics like OR, QTP AOM, Automation Frame Work,, SmartIdentification Mechanism, Invoking Methods like SystemUtil.Run”Path”, or invoke method, practiced GetTO, GetRO, SetToProperty methods, good understanding on checkpoints, output values, parameterisizing, BUT…I am Very SCARED OF DESCRIPTIVE PROGRAMMING…I just have entry level knowlege in this…I am scared that this programming might keep me from reaching my dream…I really need guidence to hit DP or atleast some knowledge that I could cover interview…Help Me!

  4. Sir,

    It did help. Explanation about DP is quite simple and understandable. Looking forward for more info on DP.

    I dont have real time experience in qtp so I am little worried that to what extent I should learn DP to face the interview.
    Thank you,

  5. Hi dhanasekars,
    I have gone through all the automation article. It’s very good, u have given simple example to explain about class, object, methods, properties under AUT. currently iam working on manual testing, now the company wants to involved in automation, so that iam taking training on Automation tool-QTP. but iam not sure i will implement in this company, so i dont have any basic idea about QTP-tool cost, how to build up automation in my company. In what way I should tell my manager to build automation in my small company. so please guide on this article, so that i will follow ur guidelines

  6. Thanks for the comments,to answer your question
    It depends solely on ROI(return on investment),can automation reduce the time in testing and those reduce expense.
    Answer to questions like how often we do regression testing?,does regression takes a lot of human hour? do you have time to build solid automation framework? will decide on automating
    I like to refer some points from to develope a solid successful automation solution
    * Test automation is a full time effort, not a sideline.
    * The test design and the test framework are totally separate entities.
    * The test framework should be application-independent.
    * The test framework must be easy to expand, maintain, and perpetuate.
    * The test strategy/design vocabulary should be framework independent.
    * The test strategy/design should remove most testers from the complexities of the test framework.
    Also read

  7. Hi Dhanasekars,

    First of all i would like to appreciate the fascinating work that you have done in this blog regarding automation testing . Keep the good work up!!

    To begin with i have just moved to Automation from manual testing
    And to get started with i have just summarized your sequence of a plan to getting started with which is as follows
    1. Basic OOPS concepts
    2.Technology in which the application is developed
    4.Connection to database through the automation tool
    5.coding or scripting language of the automation tool
    6.Available functions
    8.Test Plan & Estimation
    Point # 1 is ok
    Can you please brief why Point # 2,6 & 8 is required ?

  8. HiKalsg,
    Point 2 is basically help you to understand the objects and its hierarchy in which they are developed,so that it will help in designing framework,for example a web application may have webpage,then a frame and then objects,some web application may not have frames.
    Point 6 is about the build in functions provided by the tool you are using,so that you can make use of them instead of writing lengthy code.
    Point 8 is all about planning and estimation,is for manangement or client to highlight the benefits of automation. Any project will have plan and estimation,so we need to have for automation project as well

  9. Hi,
    your explaination on QTP framework is too good.
    understood, but if you could provide us a sample or example on this like… Excel or xml and function libraries link with all these .
    will be more informative.

    thank you

  10. Hi,

    Great Work

    I am a trainer in software testing. I want to shift to a job where i would get to do projects. I am also preparing for QTP Certification

    Can you suggest me how should i go about it.
    and what should i take care while preparing for certification

  11. Hi DhanaSekar,

    I really appreciate the great work that your are doing in sharing your knowledge worldwide.

    Sir, I want to parameterize the Link in QTP. Say I am testing the navigation thru the pages of a website. First 1 will click on link 1 and get navigated to next page, verify a msg and click close and get navigated back to the first page that has 10links and again click link 2 and get navigated to next page, verify the msg and click close and get navigated back to first page that has 10links…so I have to do this for all the links in the same page…

    Is there any way that I can parameterise the links. I have added all the links in ORM, and I have mentioned their names in Global datasheet. But what is the way to parameterize the links…

    Please Help…

    Thanks a lot in advance,

  12. Completely agree with you.
    How I wish I could do all this before I started the actual scripting.
    How I wish the people instrumenting the automation process incorporated such learning/training.
    How I wish those guys knew the importance of these things in the first place.
    How I wish I had the power/position to get this message across to the ppl on the chair.

    Thanks for this post!

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